Tips for Deciding on a Band or DJ

Gay Wedding Band or DJ

Great music can make a great wedding reception even better.  So if you’re planning a larger wedding, you’re probably considering hiring a DJ or a band. Which should it be? DJ or band? Or both? Like everything else about your gay wedding, there are specific considerations that will help you make the best decision, such as theme, budget and venue. 


If you haven’t picked a theme for your wedding yet, do that first. Then come back here and consider how music will reinforce your theme. The music has just as big of an influence as the decorations. If there’s an obvious choice for DJ or band based on your theme, you need to consider that seriously. For example, if your theme is a 70s Disco, a DJ is probably the right choice. If you’re going more for a late-night talk show theme, then you might lean toward a live band. Otherwise, once you make the decision of band versus DJ, you need to consider the kind of music you want when choosing the final performer.


You might be tired of hearing this word, but your budget is one of the biggest influencers over what you can and can’t have at your gay wedding reception.  In general, a band costs more than a DJ, although DJs like Paris Hilton and Boy George have been known to get six figures for a single night. Band prices will vary significantly, usually based on the number of people in the band.


If you plan on hiring a band, you need to make sure you have space for the band in your reception venue.  Make sure you find out if there are any limitations on speakers you can use or if the venue has their own sound equipment they prefer you use.

Pros and Cons of Band vs. DJ

Live music is just fantastic and memorable. A band that entertains well might be the part of your wedding reception that your guests remember most.  However, bands have a set list of songs they’re capable of playing, so the selection is more limited than what a DJ can offer. Bands also tend to be more expensive.

A DJ can play the exact songs you want to hear for those special dances and moments during your reception. With some lead time, a DJ can also secure additional music if you need songs they don’t currently have. They also tend to be less expensive than a band. However, a DJ without a dynamic personality can kill the vibe at your reception. And a DJ who doesn’t understand how to bring crowds up and down with music, or how to get people on the dance floor can make your reception seem like a flop.

Making the Selection

Regardless of which you choose, try to arrange to see the band or DJ live before you hire them. If you can’t see them live, ask for a recorded performance. You want to see how they interact with the crowd and how the crowd responded to them. 

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