About QueerUnion

Even though there were more than half a million gay weddings in the first two years after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal, the concept of a gay wedding is still fairly new when compared to the number of straight weddings that have taken place over many years.

Let’s say you’re getting ready to plan your own gay wedding. Perhaps you’ve been to straight weddings but you’ve never been to any gay weddings. Or maybe you’ve been to a couple of gay weddings with parts that you liked and parts that you didn’t like. If so, we can help! brings you the latest trends, tips and advice to help you put on the gay wedding or lesbian wedding that you want, whether it’s an informal gathering of close friends and family, or a big wedding bash in a hotel ballroom with a club DJ or 12-piece band, managed by a wedding planner.

Gay Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming because there are so many things to do and keep track of. We’ve put together a high-level list of what you need to do, and then we have a deep-dive how-to guide or tip sheet for each item on your planning list, such as choosing a florist or creating a guest list. Want to know if you have to invite those homophobic relatives of yours when your parents insist? We’ve got the answers to all the uniquely queer questions you might have when you’re planning a gay wedding.

Straight and Gay Wedding Traditions

Weddings are full of traditions that have been in place for many years. Some traditions are religious, and many are specific to opposite-sex couples, with something for the bride and something for the groom. When you’d like to incorporate a tradition that doesn’t make sense for same-sex couples, we have suggestions for how to make that tradition fully gay or how to gender-bend the terms that people are accustomed to. Or, we might just recommend that you avoid the tradition altogether. But ultimately it’s up to you to determine the traditions you want to keep, those you want to ignore and those you want to make even better.

Resources for Gay Weddings

Our approach is different from many straight or gay wedding websites. We focus on the the kinds of things that are popular or trending with gay weddings and the different things we’ve seen at gay weddings that you might want to include in yours. We cover activities before you get married like engagements and showers, and then the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. We provide answers to your questions and tips and advice for the topics you’re interested in.

You’re not going to find links here to every possible venue in every city and state. We also don’t do reviews of any vendors, such as jewelers. We have general and gay-specific advice for you on what to consider when you’re looking for rings or venues, but we’re not trying to sell you on a specific venue or jewelry store. We do have advertisements and links to various providers of wedding stuff, and we would appreciate your patronizing our partners because we might get a commission in some cases.

Exciting Times for Gay Weddings

This is an exciting time to be planning a gay or lesbian wedding! There have been enough weddings so far that you’re not completely blazing new trails, but there’s not much set in stone that you absolutely must follow. You have the liberty to change any aspect of your wedding and attribute it to the fact that it’s a gay wedding. And your guests will be really excited to attend, especially if they’ve never been to a gay wedding before (straight women seem to be equally or more excited to attend than gay men). It all adds up to become that wonderful, fun, beautiful, marvelous, fantastic, gorgeous, trendy, simple, elegant, unbelievably perfect wedding for you that everyone will talk about and want to emulate for years to come!