How Do Gay Marriage Proposals Work?

Gay Marriage Proposal

Who Pops the Question?

Traditional Marriage Proposals

The classic tradition in a straight relationship is for the man to ask the woman’s father for permission to marry her. After he’s granted that permission, he then purchases a diamond engagement ring and proposes marriage, often while bending down on one knee. Since these roles are very gender-specific, gay marriage proposals will be different. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun or embrace romantic traditions.

Gay Marriage Proposals

You can still have an element of surprise in a proposal, even when you know it’s coming. If one partner takes the initiative to buy a ring and propose, that’s perfectly acceptable. The biggest decision might be whether to buy one or two wedding rings so that the other partner isn’t left without any engagement ring.

Many modern gay and lesbian couples are already living together and in a committed relationship when they get married. Before there’s a marriage proposal, the couple has lengthy discussions about marriage, their respective goals and desires and whether that’s the right next step for the relationship. The decision to get married is often a thoughtfully-considered joint decision made by equals in the relationship. But that doesn’t mean a gay marriage proposal can’t be fun and exciting!

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The Element of Surprise

Some couples propose to each other at unexpected times in a fun or a traditional way. Even though they know a proposal is imminent, they don’t know when or how it will be done. When one partner has proposed, then the other partner proposes in another surprising way soon after. Another idea is to have an engagement party and propose in public to each other in front of your friends. You could even make it a surprise engagement party, especially if you’re confident the answer will be “Yes.”

Even when you’ve made a joint decision to get married, have some fun with wedding proposals and let others share in your moment, whether it’s a traditional, get-down-on-one-knee proposal or something more modern.

Video Inspiration for Your Gay Marriage Proposal

If need some inspiration to spark your creativity, check out some of these gay wedding proposals and take your own video when it happens!

Ty and Tyler

Ty and Tyler are baseball fans who get engaged at a Washington Nationals game. Screech, the team’s mascot, lends a hand to put the plan in motion. Not surprisingly, Ty hits a home run with his gay marriage proposal.

Katie and Becky

On National Coming Out day, Katie enlisted the help of Katy Perry to propose to her girlfriend Becky at Katy’s concert.

James and Luke

If you have the means and the desire to stage an elaborate proposal, check out James’ proposal to Luke at St. Pancras train station in London for some inspiration.

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