Men's Engagement Rings

Do Gay Men Wear a Man’s Engagement Ring?

While currently only about 5 percent of men wear engagement rings, that trend is on the rise. With more same-sex couples getting married, there’s a larger selection than ever before of men’s engagement rings. A few influential celebrities have been photographed with their man-engagement rings, and that’s helping to increase the trend.

Marriage Decision

Should You Get Married? The Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

Marriage is a serious commitment with substantial legal and financial obligations that can last even longer than a marriage. Couples who are close to retirement age or who have been in a long-term relationship without the right to get married might want to consider gay marriage There are many financial and legal benefits to being married There are a few financial risks also, however.


Guide to Plan Your Gay Wedding

Planning any wedding can seem like a daunting and stressful task because there are so many things to do and so many details to track. Planning a gay wedding just adds to the complexity. Don’t panic, because we’ve got you covered.

Gay Marriage Proposal

How Do Gay Marriage Proposals Work?

While many gay and lesbian couples might decide together that they’re going to get married, that doesn’t mean a gay wedding proposal can’t be a fun surprise. Sometimes one partner takes the initiative to propose to the other. Some couples each propose separately. And other couples have a party to propose to each other at the same time. We’ve included some inspirational videos if you need some ideas for outlandish ways to make that gay marriage proposal.

Lesbians in Gay Wedding Ceremony

Why and How Gay Wedding Ceremonies are Different

Same-sex wedding ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples are different from “traditional” straight couples. Some of the differences are due to religious prohibitions on same-sex marriages, and others are because many traditions are gender-specific. You can adopt some traditions and adapt others to create new gay wedding traditions.

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Receptions

Your Gay Wedding Reception

Just as with your wedding ceremony, you can have any kind of gay wedding reception you desire without being concerned about following any particular wedding traditions. On the other hand, you are invited to incorporate whichever traditions you like in your reception, and to create your own unique queer version. Once again, let your creative […]