How to Choose Wedding Invitations

Gay & Lesbian Wedding Invitation

The invitations for your gay wedding are the most important item to your invited guests. They provide a glimpse of your wedding style and should have all the information your guests need to know about attending your wedding.

You can spend a little or a lot on wedding invitations depending on the paper, ink color, typeface and number of pieces in the invitation. We will leave the selection of all that up to you and your budget. Instead, we want to make sure you — that’s up to you. But here are the absolute essential things you must do when choosing your gay wedding invitations.

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Creating a Gay Wedding Budget

How to Create a Budget for your Gay Wedding

Once you know who’s going to pay for your gay wedding and how much you have to spend, creating a budget is a process of allocating that money to the different expenses you will have. We have a spreadsheet to help you create a budget to start with and some advice about the aspects of your wedding that most influence the price.

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